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Revised School Briefs

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Dear ArtistCall Members,

Just a quick request to ask you to check your Group settings with regards to artform and schools.

Once you have registered, we should already have invited you to the artform groups you have selected, however please note that you can click to join or leave any of the 12 public groups for the various creative disciplines listed. You can of course also request membership into any of the 6 private school groups at any time, though please note that St Bede’s have now confirmed a very specific stained or decorative glass brief (See latest Provisional St Bede’s Brief here); and that Our Lady & St John’s brief is likely to be film and media based (See latest Provisional OLSJ Brief here).

For that reason, and if applicable, we will only invite you into those two particular school groups if it is clear that your artform skills match the brief. If we have misinterpreted this in our initial moderation, and you do wish to be considered, then just let us know by requesting a group invite and we will correct that. The full list of all of these groups can be accessed by first logging in and then clicking on:



Ian Banks


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