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LATEST NEWS: OLSJ Short List Selected

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By the deadline of 1st March 2013 ArtistCall had received 146 applications overall, and with 59 of those stating an interest in OLSJ and it’s published film and video brief. The overall standard has been very high, and we have been delighted with the response.

Given that OLSJ was very keen to move forward quickly, we have already completed the 2nd stage of moderation to reduce all of our 59 Expressions of Interest for OLSJ, down to a more workable long list of 12 artists. Then, as of Wednesday 6th March, we also convened a school selection panel to a short list 4 artists.This is all as previously set out on the website and FAQ’s.

We would like to thank everyone for the interest shown in OLSJ. Given the very high number and calibre of artist applications received, the quality of your submission was much valued.We have already written to everyone registering interest in this brief and informed them if they have been successful or not. Please contact us if you feel you should have been contacted but haven’t.

If artists have not been selected for the OLSJ short list, they are of course still fully eligible for all remaining 5 schools, and we would welcome their consideration of these. As such, artists may wish to think further about which groups they have been subscribed to, as previously set out in the welcome email. Artists can reconsider your profile and edit it at all times.

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